Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Corner in Slush

 Tuesday afternoon I took advantage of the warm, sunny weather and daylight saving time to visit one of my favorite sites.  This is a corner of three propped boulders in a group of corners resembling two large enclosures, which I have shown before (9/18/13).

This square perched boulder is next to a large propped boulder shaped like an inverted triangle (1/8/14).  Perhaps this table-like surface was once a work site.  At the center of this corner and  close to a stream stands this large propped boulder.

This area has been altered by farming, as indicated by a building foundation.

However, a nearby small hill overlooking a stream would have been a good camp site.  This may have been the residential part of the corner.

Further along the stream is this large propped boulder on another small hill.  I took this picture weeks ago, before  the snow started falling.

There is a boulder with a deep concavity by the stream.

This looks like a grinding slick.  Perhaps this was once the women's work area where  they crushed acorns and soaked them in the stream to remove the tannins.

This is why I park on the road.  I nearly lost a boot in this mud!

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