Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Corner on a Hill

On a hill somewhere in RI are the three propped boulders of a "corner", which may have once been a Native campsite.  At one end of the corner is a large boulder which looks like it toppled off an outcrop.

Here it is seen from the front, showing the cracked foot rock.  Like many of these propped boulders, it has a rounded bottom surface.

The center propped boulder is 77 feet away. It forms a right angle with the two end boulders.

The third propped boulder is 156 away.  Afternoon glare ruined the photo.

The first boulder shown  is near the end of a long wall.

Sometimes I wonder if these propped boulders were used as boundaries in land transfers.  In a few sites, walls run past them or end near them.

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