Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Manitous in the Break Room at Work

    One day I was looking through a soap opera digest magazine at lunch, just to have something to look at, when I came upon this Outward Bound ad.

In the center are some slabs resembling manitous.

There was something very familiar about this landscape, and then I remembered.  This was nearly the same scene in this watercolor, The Tetons,  painted by Thomas Moran in 1874.

It looks like Moran used a  different angle, in which the manitous are not visible.  Oh, if only he had documented them! Assuming this is the correct location, the painting is a scene in the Absaroka  Mountains in present day Yellowstone National Park.  A search of hiking trails in the Absarokas turned up some hikers' blogs, with pictures of these same manitous on Black Mountain. Alas, what they say about the internet is not true:  photos posted there are not available forever!

Watch this slide show for  manitous in the Absarokas here
Also check out this story about cairns in the Absarokas here

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