Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Large Square Enclosures formed by Propped Boulders, East Enclosure

 Last week I showed the west enclosure of this large area outlined by propped boulders.  The east enclosure also has corners nearly on compass points, and a possible diagonal line further subdividing it.
The propped boulders are yellow dots joined by yellow dashed lines.  The red dashed lines demonstrate how the enclosure corners make compass points.  The red dots are cairns, and the blue dots with blue lines are walls.  The other yellow dots are large boulders or split boulders.
     This smaller east enclosure is about 779 by 665 feet square.
Waypoint   222 is the north corner, and was shown last week.   The perched boulder at waypoint 245 is the east corner,  678 feet away. This looks like it may have once been an effigy, perhaps a snake head.

 The perimeter line continues south west 582 feet to waypoint 655, the south corner.

This propped boulder has a grinding slick on top, suggesting this was once a campsite.

This hilltop site was shown previously (10/10/2012).  The joined boulders are close to this point, at waypoint 665.

The propped boulder shown 10/10/2012 appears to be on an extension of the main line, at waypoint 662.

Any other enclosure alignments have been lost to development.
The west corner of the   smaller enclosure is the large propped boulder at waypoint 148. It is also part of  the west enclosure shown last week.

This smaller east enclosure is bisected by a diagonal line that starts at waypoint 152

and continues 195 feet to waypoint 153.

There are actually two propped boulders here, and a bent tree. The diagonal line continues 613 feet to the perched boulder in waypoint 245.
     These propped and perched boulders outline two square enclosures inside a larger one. The boulders were   propped to distinguish them from other boulders on the landscape.  These may have been  winter campsites. They are on the south-facing slope of a large hill near water, include an alignment of boulders to winter solstice sunset, and a grinding slick. Alternately, since the solstice alignment is inside the enclosures, the site may have had  some ceremonial use.
     I hope to revisit the site in the winter and determine if the orientation of the faces or long axes of these propped boulders is consistent with being points on  enclosure lines.

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