Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Another Landscape with Propped Boulders

Here is another hilltop propped boulder alignment in northern RI. The propped boulders are yellow dots joined by yellow dashed lines.  Cairns are red dots, and walls are blue dots and lines.

 The line extending right (east) approximately  1300 feet in the south portion of the diagram may have been part of an enclosure.  The area to the upper right contains the ruins of an old sawmill, so any markers there would have been lost.
      Here is the large enclosure, starting at the south corner at waypoint 457.  This boulder  seems to have been sculpted, and points uphill along the line.

The line is 333 feet long, and  passes this outcrop at waypoint 452

This propped boulder at waypoint 453 is the west corner.

The next line travels 90 feet northeast and passes through this propped boulder at waypoint 454.

The line continues 430 feet to this propped boulder at waypoint 563.  Total length is 520 feet. There is a loose stonerow leading from this boulder to the right in the photo. It is marked with a dashed red line in the diagram.

Around it are some cairns, marked with red dots in the diagram.

These hilltop sites with the propped boulder alignments often have cairns.  Whether these have some Native ceremonial significance or resulted from farming practices is hard to determine.  I am focusing on propped boulders because they are distinctive, and have no apparent relationship to settler farming or quarrying practices.  The propped boulders may have been boundary markers for Native campsites or clan territories.   Next week I will show the boulders in  the long line extending east-west to the south of the hill.

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