Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Stone Row Symmetry

Here are some more pictures of the stone row I showed last week.  Closer examination shows even more interesting details that look deliberately created. The south section of the wall starts at a large boulder on the shore.

Then the two perched rocks. The one to the left looks like an effigy head.
Next to the perched boulders is a group of three boulders.
The view to the north from the three boulders.  That rock in the center of the photo looks strikingly like an animal head.
This wall has symmetry: from left to right it is effigy head, three boulders, and another effigy head.
Here's the opening between the north and south stone rows.  The owners are using this as a protected swimming area.
The north  stone row, and its end on the shore. There is a large puddingstone in the stone row, near the sailboat.
     South and North Watuppa ponds were once the home of the Pocasset Wampanoags.  The tribal clans are eagle, beaver, and bear.  Perhaps some of these effigies represent these clans. Cranberry Neck, now the Fall River Rod and Gun Club, was the estate of Colonel Benjamin Church.  This band of Natives were his allies in King Philip's War.   In 1709, they moved to Watuppa Reservation with the political help of Col. Church. The Watuppa Reservation village was on Indian Town Road, away from the North Watuppa pond shoreline. Mavor & Dix suggest this move was partly to protect the band from retribution by other Natives for collaborating with the British.  These old shoreline campsites would have been very vulnerable to attacks using swift, silent canoes.

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