Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Designs in Stone

Here is another stone row site on the northwest shore of South Watuppa pond.  This  small stone row is just south of the peninsula with the power line tower on the Fall River shore.
The stone row has a very symmetrical stone in the center.
Further along the wall is a round boulder propped on smaller stones.
Next to this propped boulder stands  a large stone worn down into a grinding slick.
Here's a different view of the propped boulder.  From this angle, it is obvious that some of the stones in the row have been placed with their long axes vertical.   I have seen this type of construction in short stone rows at the shore of  Cranberry Neck (7/18/2012)
Here, in contrast, are the bulldozed boulders on the peninsula.

So, I organized the data as to what feature was seen where on the pond.
Effigy heads  are in bright green on the  northwest shore. Turtle images are turquoise dots in the southern  part.  Walls containing propped boulders in denoted by red dots, and standing stone construction by yellow. Of course, many features may be submerged or lost to development. Perhaps some of these features relate to construction of stone rows by different clans.  It would be fascinating to map the stone structures of North Watuppa Pond,  and see if there is any pattern in the stone rows there.   Unfortunately, as the city reservoir, it is  off  limits for boating.

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