Thursday, January 19, 2012

Structures South of the Snake Wall

This is the same site as in the last post, "Two Walls". On the shore of a small pond south of the snake wall stands this strange structure.
 The oblong stone points to the southwest and there is a small space under it.  The bearing of the propped stone, 212 degrees, does not correspond to any astronomical events. The entire structure is about four feet tall, and  the oblong stone is about four feet long.  I have seen other  "pointers", but they are always wedged into an outcrop, like the following.
This is the only ground level "pointer" I have seen. The view from this structure is blocked by trees, but the stone points towards this outcrop about 220 feet away.

Whether the structure was built to point to this outcrop, or for some other purpose, is unknown. It could have had a spiritual use, such as a way station for spirits traveling to the afterlife in the southwest sky.  Or it could have been a fertility symbol, which is suggested by some of the other structures close by.
 About 50 feet from the structure is this split boulder.
 About 300 feet away and  on the shore of the pond is this  structure.
And these two smaller ones.
Looking at a map, I notice that if a straight line is extended south from the snake wall, it would pass through the pointer structure.  Further south along this line is the small cairn field with a circular structure described in "The Sweat Lodge".  Granted, this alignment may be coincidence and any other structures have been lost.  However, I wonder if there was  a progression from the snake wall to these structures, as if walking through this landscape tells a story of creation. 

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