Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Quarry

Previously, I have posted pictures of outcrops in which the underlying rock was quarried  away, creating a large manitou-like slab (9/3/11).  In one case (10/7/11), the quarried rock was used to create a standing slab wall.  Here is another, in which the underlying stone was removed almost completely.  Nearby are many walls, and  some of the stone was probably used to construct them.

Directly beyond this structure is a pile of smaller stones, presumably rocks too small for use in walls.
Maybe some settlers used this quarry.  However, about 100 feet from this pile is this well-formed cairn, now resting in a swamp.
Near the quarry is this rock stack. The top rock is propped into place.
 This is the same stack in "The Bent Tree" (11/3/11), and this is the view of the bent tree from the base of the cliff. The presence of the cairn and rock stack suggest that this quarry was once used by Native Americans.

The rock stack and quarry  have striking shapes that I always wanted to paint.  Here they are in oil with lots of palette knife technique.

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  1. The rock pile with skunk cabbage is a really nice picture and a really nice pile. It is a bit turtle like.