Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hipses Rock Revealed

On Saturday, November 5, the  Neutaconkanut Hill Conservancy had a walk to Hipses Rock.  The rock is on private property, and the owner generously cleared a trail to the rock and joined in the walk.  Ranger John McNiff gave an informative and entertaining talk on the history of Hipses Rock.

The east facing side of Hipses Rock, with the "caves" visible.  Originally, there was one large cave, until  the large piece to the left broke off about 100 years ago.  Could the cave have been a chamber for viewing astronomical alignments on Neutaconkanut Hill?  Perhaps.  Little stonework is left at the site, but I did note these donations in front of the cave.
Helen commented that there is a memorial pile on the site.  I did photograph this stone pile behind a wall, but  was  not sure if this is a donation pile or a rock pile created by land clearing.

Hipsis Rock is composed of  sedimentary rock with this rough texture. The other rocks around it are granite.
It was dropped here by a glacier, and was a prominent landmark for time immemorial.


  1. Glad you could make it to the walk! Did you also notice the memorial rock pile along the trail before Hipses?

  2. I grew up on Morgan ave. I thought I travelled every lick of those woods in my childhood. I cant place the exact location of hipses rock. I know its in the Vincent drive area.

    1. if you go down Vincent to near the end and look behind the houses on the right you'll see it, best time is now before the leaves start

  3. I grew up on Morgan Ave. and I remember this rock and never knew until years later the significance.