Monday, November 7, 2011

Hidden in Plain Sight

Believe it or not, these pictures were taken at one of Rhode Island's most popular picnic locations.  Away from the roads and picnic tables  is  a wonderful landscape of massive outcrops, propped boulders, and stone rows.  Let's go for a walk through this mysterious landscape.
     On top of a hill overlooking a lake, two massive boulders stand on bedrock, nearly touching each other.  They were once a huge boulder that split in half.  Careful examination of the faces shows they would fit together.  Unfortunately, today they are desecrated with graffiti, so I have substituted a white-on-black chalk drawing.
Here are the supporting stones of  the boulder to the left.
Near this site is a cluster of huge boulders, some of them propped.
Heading down the hill to a peninsula in the lake, we find a large manitou,
and a massive split boulder that dominates the site. Despite the snack wrappers and discarded fishing gear, an air of serenity  pervades the peninsula
Heading uphill and past the twin boulders, we climb up a steep hill and find this perched boulder.
There are some strange, gouged-out areas  at one end of this boulder.
Beyond this boulder is a huge propped boulder with a smaller one in front.
Crossing the top of the hill, we find outcrops and stone rows, and decide we must return later to trace their routes.
Time to go home...

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