Monday, September 12, 2011

You never know what you'll find in your own neighborhood!

Saturday afternoon I was out for a walk and passed an overgrown lot.  Previously I had only glimpses of an outcrop with a small stone building built against it, and an old chicken coop.  The landowner has recently cleared out some of the weeds to make a driveway, revealing this scene:
The small stone building is to the left, and what looks like a niche decorated with quartz is to the right. Or maybe it's a structure with some farming function.  Across the street is this structure, incorporated into the landscaping.
And finally, a few blocks away in another vacant, thorn-choked lot, another outcrop with a ruined stone house, and this:

This outcrop also has a stone row with a manitou.
All of these are less than 0.25 mile from each other, and in a neighborhood 1 mile from the Providence city limits!

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    (Morris County, New Jersey, c.1900 BC)

    Dr. R.M. de Jonge ©,

    The Tripod Rock site at Montville Township, New Jersey, consists of a man-made dolmen with a huge capstone, two big Marker Stones indicating Sunset at midsummer day, and a menhir (upright stone). It clearly is a site constructed by the megalith buil-ders of Europe when America was a colony of Egypt (2500-1200 BC). The monu-ment tells the story of the Egyptian discovery of America during the Fourth and Fifth Dynasties of the Old Kingdom. The site is dated to the Twelfth Dynasty, c.1900 BC.

    De Jonge, R.M., Website: