Friday, September 9, 2011

Two Waterfalls

Along the same river in the previous post (9/3/2011), there are two waterfalls.  The first is a natural waterfall, and by the top of this waterfall is a supported slab.
This slab is visible in this photo taken from the bottom of the falls in winter.  Further upstream from this slab are a manitou, and a structure of three overlapping rocks.  This overlapping structure is common in this area.
Further downstream, the river enters an urban area, and falls over a modern concrete dam.  Beside the dam is an old wall which was probably part of the original dam.  This dam  appears on maps of the area dating from the 1880s.  On top of the wall is a niche.

 The original dam wall is visible in the background.  The presence of these two structures at two very different waterfalls indicates  the spiritual importance of waterfalls, and the persistence of Indian beliefs.
The natural waterfall is so beautiful, I painted it  without the clutter of fallen trees and branches.

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