Thursday, May 22, 2014

Return to South Watuppa

Wednesday I had the day off, and since it was a warm, sunny day, I went kayaking on South Watuppa Pond. With no other boats or jet skis about, it was a very quiet afternoon. Here are the stone rows at the Fall River Rod and Gun Club.

The rocky little island has only a covering of thin, dry reeds.  Later in the summer there is a dense blanket of tall grasses.  More of the island's features will be visible this afternoon.

I always have to stop and see the flat rock with grinding slicks.

It is so quiet today, there are two blue herons watching me from the shore.

Over in the Christopher Border brook, a swan is doing sentry duty, swimming back and forth while keeping an eye on me.  Usually they avoid humans, so this is a good time to show some respect.  Despite their serene appearance, swans have been known to attack people who approach their nests.

 While making my retreat to the rocky island, I see this lovely view to the north.

 The island has birds roosting, as usual.

And with less vegetation, I see what looks like a small propped rock, and a grinding slick to the right. 

 Over 200 years ago, the pond was at least two feet lower, so the grinding slicks and stone rows would have been on dry ground.  Perhaps they were once parts of summer campsites used by the Pocassets, like the picnic tables and barbeques installed at state parks. 

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