Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Pointer site revisited

Recently I revisited this site, which I showed 5/15/2013.  This is a rocky  east-facing slope, with what looks like a niche and a pointer.

The pointer is about three feet long and points at about 78 degrees.

Directly uphill is this large niche with slabs set on edge inside.

The lower edge of the top is sharp, as if stone was removed, and the top rests against a vertical slab.

The view inside.

Someone set these slabs on edge in here.  If they had eroded off the larger slab, they  would be lying flat. 
The pointer points at a loose stone row that extends downhill. Further downhill are a few cairns, which I showed previously.

The view from the head of the stone row, showing the pointer pointing at the row with the niche directly behind.

The pointer doesn't seem to point to anything beyond the stone row. If there was something important, it would have been lost to development.  These structures seem to be organized with niche, pointer, and stone row in a straight line.Whether it is a shrine or coincidence is a mystery.

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