Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Paired Propped Boulders

Somewhere in northern RI is another hilltop site with propped boulders forming a triangular arrangement.  So far, I have shown four of these sites with aligned propped boulders, including one in March 2012. These sites are all within five or six miles of  each other.   This site differs from the others in  that the propped boulders are in pairs.

At waypoint 1514001, there are two smaller propped boulders.

About 600 feet away is the corner  at waypoint 1525, with  two large propped boulders:

These are next to each other.  The larger one has a division in the base, like that of the corner propped boulder shown 9/11/2013.

Those small objects in the division are  acorns donations left by squirrels.
At waypoint 504, about 600 feet away from the corner, there are also two propped boulders.

Nearby is this perched boulder, which I have shown before (11/28/2012 ).  This seems to point to the smaller propped boulders at waypoint 1514001.  If there was anything more, it was lost to development.

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