Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Walking Up Neutaconkanut Hill

 A few years ago, I went for a walk up the heavily wooded west slope of Neutaconkanut Hill. This hill was one of the original boundaries of the territory ceded to Roger Williams by Canonicus and Miantonomi.  Over the years, the hill has been used as a farm, quarries, illegal dump, stolen car dismantling point, park with ski slope, and now as woodland walking trails. After all these uses, a few suggestions of Native use remain.
     Walking up from the bottom of the west slope, I reach a large outcrop.

 These large, square blocks suggest that this stone was once quarried.  About 265 feet further up the slope is this propped boulder.  It has the usual oblong shape of propped boulders in RI.

 The next structure is this small perched boulder, about 86 feet  further up the slope.

That is a satellite dish in the background.  The  outcrop and two structures make a straight line leading to the summit of the hill.  If there were other elements in this line, they are long gone.
     There are two more propped boulders on top of the hill.  These are 350 feet apart, and it is impossible to tell  if they were once part of a larger arrangement.

Both have remained because they are in nobody's way, and are resting on bedrock.  Canonicus Rock was not as fortunate, and was reduced to a pile of rubble in the 1950s as a precaution against it falling into Plainfield Street.


  1. "Perhaps that's a deer," I thought when I saw the first photo in a series at Secret Landscapes:
    (I'll remove the post if you object to me using the photo)...

  2. Nice! I have to walk the hill from that side as well as below the exploded boulder sometime. Hoping to head to the hill for the solar eclipse on Sunday - hope the weather is clear!