Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Shelter

Hidden deep in the woods of northern Rhode Island is this shelter built under an overhanging cliff.
This is a surprising sight along the trail. Below is a view from the side, with the wall visible in the center of the photo. This gives an idea of the scale of the site.

In the rubble at the cliff base are a few structures, such as this propped boulder.  It looks like someone carved a large gouge out of it to the right.

Here is a closer view of the stone work on the shelter.  Since the stones aren't covered with lichens and leaf litter, they probably have not been stacked here very long.

And here's what is inside. I have a bowl just like that one.
 This shelter is interesting, but not ancient like the Flagg Swamp shelter. The cliff's smooth rock face and broken granite at the base suggest that this was once a quarry, and someone built this shelter after it was abandoned. The site has no trash, so whoever uses it respects it.  Perhaps a camper or deer hunter comes here occasionally.

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