Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Modification of Another Native Stone Row

       Here is another unusual stone row from the same area as a previous post (3/27/13).   This segment extends between two large outcrops. Its unusual structure suggests it was built by natives.
 Manitou-like stones stand against this wall.   I often thought these were placed to hold the stones in place.

However, a small space is  visible between the manitous and the other stones of the row.  These would not have served to hold the stones back. One possibility is that a farmer utilized this stone row by placing  these stones to hold fence posts.
This wall is uphill from an old farm road, in an area with building foundations. Here I have imagined it as a meadow fence with barbed wire.
Once I started looking, I noticed this detail in other old photos.

Of course, this modification would appear at walls used to keep in livestock.


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