Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Winter Solstice, Lunar Standstill

Here I am, out for a walk in the area containing the winter solstice marker in the previous post (3/13/2013).
 This boulder is about 7 feet tall, and propped on rocks shaped to hold it in place.
Nearby is a lower boulder with a rock on top.
Heading along the trail that runs past this boulder, I see a promising sight:
This looks like a trail marker, and to me it says, "Look here".  A short distance, and I find a rusty bucket, all by itself.
Even better.  A few more steps reveal the following, surrounding a bare patch of bedrock about 10 feet across.
This oddly shaped boulder suggests a bird profile (red lines) or a human face (yellow lines).  Or maybe it is supposed to be both, similar to Indian artwork from the Pacific Northwest.
This small site is about 480 feet from the propped boulder, and at a 245 degree bearing.   The site is at waypoint  1738, and the winter solstice boulder is at 1680.  The red dot 1733 is the boulder topped with a large rock.
The 245 degree bearing from the site to the marker  suggests lunar standstill.  The U-shaped arrangement of four rocks faces the marker, and may provide a vantage point for observing alignments. Or maybe it's all a coincidence.  In any case, it was the inspiration for this rather wild painting.
Who has visited this site, and why?

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