Wednesday, February 6, 2013

On a hill

This hilltop site is across the pond from Miantonomi's Cave, and is a mix of native and farm stone structures. At the top of the hill is a  row of large  round stones, that transitions into a typical farm wall.

The farm wall.
The large stones are rounded, suggesting they were left on the hill by glaciers. Maybe these were originally cleared by natives for a campsite or field. The farm section has smaller, more squarish stones that may have come from quarrying of local boulders and outcrops.  On top of the hill is this strange structure:
On the other side, the rock faces close to the crack show that someone was chipping away rock to make some sort of pedestal structure.   Hidden next to a smaller rock is this old enamelware coffee pot.
Of all the things to find near stone structures, it is usually a metal bucket, pail, pot, or other container. If this was just storage of camping supplies or dumping trash, there would be other articles around.

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