Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Old Burial Ground

Hidden in the woods of Northern RI is an old burial ground.  Unlike farm cemeteries, it has no enclosing wall.  The headstones are small and  set close together in regular rows.

I counted  about 40 stones in an area 50 feet across.  Somehow this grouping suggests a family resting together. Perhaps this is the cemetery of a poor family, or natives from a praying village. This site is only 1000 feet from the perched boulders in photos 2 and 3 of the last post (11/28/2012).  It has a RI historical site sign with a number.  I looked up the number online to see if a family was listed, but this information was unknown. The poor farm was on the other side of this town.
     Nearby is  a possible source for the headstones, with a completed one resting against the boulder. The four or five on top of the boulder are a mute testimony to the harshness of life years ago.
Nearby are some platform cairns and long farm walls.
Maybe the hands that placed these stones now rest in the burial ground.

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