Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Stone Rows of South Watuppa Pond: Fall River Shoreline

Two weeks ago,  I visited the shoreline of South Watuppa Pond from just north of the state boat ramp (Dave's Beach) to the turtle boulder shown previously (7/11/2012).  Even though I thought I had seen nearly everything, there were still some very impressive structures to be seen. Since it was cloudy and windy, I took some pictures, and came back last Friday, when it was sunny and calm.
     Here are two parallel stone rows about  15 feet apart, forming an enclosure filled with loose stones. These are in shallow water, and would have been on dry land before the pond level was raised in 1826.
Here are some details from the first stone row.
 Large stones are placed on top of smaller ones.

Between the two stone rows is this enclosure, with a large stone resembling a manitou in the center. There is a small puddingstone  to the right of the manitou.
The second wall has two large propped boulders.  Daylight is visible under both. Some of the stones resemble manitous.

The large boulder at the end of this stone row looks a little like a bird facing to the left. Farmers clearing fields and contractors bulldozing areas never organize boulders this way. Here is a closer look at the large rounded boulder, with a manitou to the right.
And here's the other boulder, with a manitou to the left.  This looks like an effigy, perhaps of a fish.
     The large manitou between the two stone rows faces  northeast, apparently to Rolling Rock in Fall River.  This has to the the most elaborate structure on South Watuppa Pond.

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