Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Face Rock

Somewhere in northern RI is this dirt road that passes overgrown farms along a lake.  This road was once the main road to Connecticut, but horses and coaches no longer pass by.
On the south side of the road is a wall extending into the lake.  Since the lake is dammed, the end of the wall is now underwater.  This wall has some very unusual features.
There are some platform cairns near the shore, where the wall enters the water.
Returning to the road, I notice an outcrop on the north side, with this perched boulder.
And here is the other side.
Tool marks are visible around the eye sockets. I doubt this is vandalism, since it would have been a lot of work, and would not have been visible from the road.  Besides, vandals usually use paint. As I mentioned in the last post, I suspect  Indians created some of these large effigies once they obtained metal tools.  The face is oriented to about 150 degrees, and is looking at this view.
There don't seem to be any other structures on or around this little hill.  So why is this face staring from an outcrop? 
On the map, the road is in black, the wall in blue, and the cairns represented by a red dot. The stone wall has a 73 degree bearing facing uphill, suggesting alignment with summer sunrise.   The face rock, in yellow,  is on a direct line (yellow dotted line) with this wall.  Perhaps it was a marker for summer solstice sunrise, and the face had some mythological significance.

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